(Columbus, July 26, 2017)  — “Everyone has a Story,” and the more than 8,500 Thirty-One Gifts  consultants visiting the SMG-managed Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC) from July 28-30 will be sharing their versions of this theme at the company’s annual conference.  The Thirty-One 2017 Conference will be preceded by the Leader Experience beginning July 27.

“I’m excited for everyone to see the new center. We’re very excited to call Columbus our home now,” said Michelle Harris, director of events for Thirty-One Gifts, in reference to the GCCC’s $140 million expansion and renovation. “This is the year-end celebration for our sales field and a peek at the new catalog for fall and the holidays. The city is so welcoming to our consultants and when they all get together, the energy is amazing.”

A special treat for the attendees this year is the field trip to the company’s world headquarters located in northeast Columbus. The company now employs 1,000 associates and includes more than 70,000 consultants.

The conference will include events at the GCCC, EXPRESS LIVE! and Nationwide Arena.  The GCCC will be the home of registration, consultant support, the Conference Store and Product Expo, Directors’ Day festivities and the amenity pick up.

Founded with the mission to empower and support women, the company will be celebrating its 15th anniversary next year. This year, the company will donate about 5 percent of net total sales in product and cash to the non-profit organizations its supports nationally through its Thirty-One Gives charity.

Thirty-One Gifts is an international direct sales company offering exclusive, stylish and functional totes, purses, fashion accessories and home organizing products. Based in Columbus, the company was founded in 2003 by Cindy Monroe, president and chief operating officer, in Chattanooga in the basement of her home. Monroe established a goal of celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women by helping them discover financial freedom and business ownership through conducting boutique shopping experiences with in-residence parties and person-to-person sales.  The company has grown to include all 50 states and nine of 10 Canadian provinces.

Monroe created the company based on the principles of the Bible’s Proverbs 31, a tribute to the strengths of women and their attributes of being hard working, compassionate, gracious and inspiring to their families and others surrounding them.

“We’re glad to be partners with Thirty-One Gifts and proud that the fastest-growing woman-owned company in the world is located with us in Columbus,” said Greater Columbus Convention Center General Manager John R. Page.