Energy Efficiency.

A centralized building automation management system ensures proper HVAC and lighting controls are in place maximizing energy conservation. Recently installed plate frame heat exchanger will serve to conserve energy as its usage negates the requirement of having to operate our large chillers at cooler outside temperature/humidity levels. Battelle Grand LED lighting fins which are a spotlight feature due to their 65,000 color combinations are equally energy efficient due to the electronic ballasts used and they contain no mercury. Motion sensor lighting systems are in place serving the administrative wing and facility service hallways and storage locations, as well as meeting rooms.

Lighting system controls in exhibit halls allow for lighting to be set at 25% for staff cleaning/event set up efforts, 50% during event load-in and out, and 75-100% capacity only during event hours. Upgraded KVA factors on facility chillers serve to reduce electrical consumption to the physical plant. LED lamps are installed in all exhibit halls, ballrooms, and all parking garages. These bulbs contain no mercury and last up to 10 years with only ballasts having to be changed. Implementation of facility brownouts/load shedding (domestic power on but all non-essential equipment powered down) during periods of non-activity.

Air Quality

Half of all daily facility exterior security and parking rounds are done via usage of facility GEM battery electric vehicles or walking patrols. Low NOx burners for facility boilers reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Recent introduction of Hepa filter backpack and upright vacuums for the housekeeping department. Leak detection monitors in place for refrigerant or other harmful gases and CO2 detectors monitor and report the facility carbon dioxide levels.

Waste Reduction

• Single stream recycling program for the facility where plastic and
glass bottles, aluminum/tin cans, paper and cardboard products can
all be co-mingled.

• Recycling of used equipment batteries, oil, carpet, ballasts, and
light bulbs & palettes.

• Automatic sensor paper products utilized in restrooms to reduce waste.


• Green Seal cleaning products utilized in housekeeping. Products are less toxic for the environment and put less stress on the water systems they enter.

• Utilization of earth friendly lubricants and chemicals in mechanical and water treatment systems.

• On-going conversion to paperless reports and documents whenever possible. Standard organizational practice of double-sided copying.

• Transition to Eco-friendly Green Seal paint products for facility upkeep (Low VOC).


• In-house caterer, Levy promotes the sale of fountain beverages and water coolers to reduce the consumption of plastic and glass bottles.

• Uses organic and locally grown products, in-season produce as well as local meat and seafood when it is available. Locally grown produce not only supports regional farmers, but reduces transportation costs, too, along with consumption of fossil fuels.

• Levy is one of the largest contributors to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and Friends of the Homeless.

• Fryer oil is recycled into animal feed and bio-diesel fuels.

• Renewable service options include china, cotton napkins and
tablecloths, and bulk condiments as part of standard operations.

• Purchase and use non-toxic, Eco-friendly Green Seal® certified cleaning products whenever possible

• Installation of Somat® Pulper and Waste Dehydrator system which dehydrates compostable waste using an energy efficient and automated process. Reducing waste matter by up to 93%, producing a dry, light and odor free material that may be used as soil amendment.

Future Goals

• Exclusive purchasing of EPA energy star office equipment.

• Installation of variable frequency drives on all facility pumps and motors is in progress.

• Recycling of all pallets and wood waste products.

• A goal of 10% energy improvement or more every year.

• Expand our network of environmentally responsible vendors and suppliers.

• Work with clients/meeting planners to make the greening of their conferences/meetings attainable for any conference/meeting.