Going Green

The Greater Columbus Convention Center is in the process of becoming a LEED registered facility.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a program that seeks to minimize the impact that buildings have on the environment. LEED takes an integrated approach to building operations and includes aspects of energy, water, light, landscape, and refuse disposal. It is administered by the US Green Building Council, an independent third party.

Some of the areas we are currently improving include the following:

Refuse and Recycling

We are implementing a single-stream recycling process. Single-stream recycling allows us to put all recycled materials into the same containers. There can be a tremendous amount of excess material produced from events in our building. This material includes packing, extra brochures and literature, badges and display materials. The vast amount of it can easily be recycled, which is why we set up designated drop-off points for exhibitors during move in and move out.


We are currently updating all of our exhibit halls, ballrooms and parking garages to Neptun induction lamps. These patented lighting systems produce the same amount of light for far less energy. We’ve also installed motion detecting switches and a centralized lighting system that allows us to control all of our public area lighting from one computer.


We have an integrated HVAC system that allows us to monitor the entire building from one room. The automated system makes sure that we are not heating and cooling areas that are not occupied.


We use Green Seal cleaning products. Green Seal products clean the dirt away but are less toxic to the environment. These products put less stress on the water systems they enter. They do not pick up heavy metals or contain Volatile Organic Compounds and have less impact on indoor air quality.