Internet Access

Smart City Networks

Smart City Networks, the nation’s largest provider of event telecommunications and technology in the convention industry, has served as the Greater Columbus Convention Center’s official technology provider since the year 2000. The company offers a variety of services, including data and internet services through the ownership and operation of a large-scale data network, and WiFi services in select areas throughout the facility.

In 2016, the Smart City installed a variety of digital infrastructure enhancements which include:

  • High-speed internet access in the exhibit halls and meeting rooms
  • A Wi-Fi deployment over 200 access points
  • Upgraded network fiber and cabling
  • Turnkey data networking, including local area, wide area, and private networks
  • High-density network that can handle high-capacity demands of large events at increased speeds
  • One gigabit capability internet backbone increased to 10-gigabit bandwidth.

Our top-notch technology allows meeting planners and event professionals to connect each meeting room and exhibit hall with selected hotel rooms or offices to integrate city-wide event networks. This gives the attendees an experience that is both cohesive and convenient. Available online events services allow you to create live internet broadcast, send videos via email for promotion and marketing, or set up customized internet access and email centers for your attendees.


Smart City Networks has a great understanding of exhibitors’ and show management technology needs from years of experience. Our clients from the convention and trade show industry can easily select from a full range of services such as internet, data networking, and cable TV in one convenient location. Place an order by visiting Smart City’s online service order form by typing in this web address in your browser:


Free WiFi for light use like reading emails and web browsing is available in all public spaces including all meeting rooms.

  • Greater Columbus Convention Center Reactivation Strategy
    Attendee and guest health and safety is the top priority of the ASM Global managed Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC). The GCCC has developed a comprehensive and sustainable cleaning, training, and safety guide to lead our reactivation efforts and facility operation moving forward. The GCCC REACTIVATION AND SARS-CoV-2 MITIGATION PLAN has been crafted and informed by ASM’s VenueShield® program. Click here for more information.