Live Forward


Tell me about the Live Forward Campaign

Live Forward is a marketing campaign from Experience Columbus, launched in May, designed to help rebuild Columbus’ vital tourism economy that has been ravaged by COVID-19 shutdowns. We’re resilient, and Live Forward is designed to spread the hope, happiness and positive optimism that we’re known for. As the crisis wanes, we are committed to leading the community forward.

It capitalizes on Columbus’ strengths as a forward-thinking city that’s full of opportunity, a place where thinkers and dreamers are supported by a progressive DNA that allows individuals to thrive in their own ways.


What are the campaign elements?

A “Live Forward” pledge for local business owners designed to help communicate the city’s promise to put health and safety first in accordance with state and local reopening regulations. Nearly 200 local businesses have taken the pledge and customers can look for the orange window decal next time their out as a visual indicator of who has committed to keeping health and safety at the forefront of operating amidst the ongoing pandemic. There is also a third-party level-up opportunity with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) STAR Accreditation, the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities.

A Live Forward anthem song, “Live For Today”, by local artist Plaid Brixx. Consistent with the mission of inspiring and uplifting his fans with his music, “Live For Today” brings a refreshing dose of positivity and encouragement. This exciting release pairs an upbeat melody with catchy lyrics, making it a perfect anthem full of hope and inspiration. “Live For Today” is a special project for Plaid Brixx because it is the first original song released in two years and is an evolution of the Plaid Brixx style. “Live For Today” is also the track used in a new inspirational video from Experience Columbus.

Launch of “Live Forward Live” podcast sharing stories of the interesting, unique and diverse people that continually work to build Columbus into one of the best cities in the country to live, work and play

Encouragement of partners and residents to share inspirational, “Live Forward” content on social media using #LiveForwardCbus

  • The GCCC venue itself is a cashless facility. This includes all GCCC operated concessions and all in-lane GCCC parking transactions. However, within the GCCC, there are individual contracted vendors and outlets who, at their discretion, may accept cash.