(Columbus, March 29, 2018)  — The SMG-managed Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC) is participating in the new Columbus2GO mobile application developed by Loud-Hailer that provides citywide information in a single streamlined source.

Once the application is downloaded to an Apple Operating System device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), Columbus2GO utilizes non-beacon Bluetooth Blue Low Energy technology to deliver hyper- local, customized content from the GCCC and other entities throughout the city when the user is within appropriate range of the organization participating.  Users receive information specific to where they are located, including from the GCCC channel.

The technology eliminates the need to toggle through multiple apps or rely on a cellular signal, Wi-Fi or internet service for hyper-local information. Users need only need to provide a name and password, have their Bluetooth turned on and decide what information they want to see through channel subscriptions.  They can opt in at no cost and preserve their privacy through this encrypted and secure service.

Loud-Hailer, an innovator in hyper-local digital communication, developed the Columbus2GO Connected City application following the successful launch of a similar app in Providence.

“This progressive solution from Loud-Hailer enables us to join our community partners in connecting visitors and residents directly to the city and each other in a new way,” said Greater Columbus Convention Center Assistant General Manager Ryan Thorpe. “Columbus2GO is another example of the established ‘Columbus Way’ of collaboration between entities in action for the benefit of our visitors and residents.”

John Glenn Columbus International Airport is also hosting Loud-Hailer’s technology in advance of a major sports event, enabling visitors to engage with Columbus2GO as soon as they land and are on their way to the GCCC.

Based in the Hudson Valley area of New York, Loud-Hailer is dedicated to utilizing proven and proprietary technology in revolutionary ways, focusing on providing connectivity solutions and alternative ways for people to communicate. For more information, visit

“Technology can strengthen and build a community and enable users to speak on a common platform,” said Loud-Hailer co-founder Jack Chen.  “Every organization has a voice, and any business can participate with this technology.”

Columbus2GO is currently available for download on the App Store at

Beyond the Columbus2GO app, technological enhancements added by the GCCC include:

  • The GCCC website enables guests to get 3D view of the various sections of the facility and utilize WebVR, which makes it possible for the user to experience Virtual Reality in their browser regardless of the device they may have.
  • By visiting and answering a few simple questions, guests are assisting the facility in immediately enhancing their experience by providing real-time feedback to which the staff can respond.
  • Guest Smiley Touch™ HappyOrNot feedback kiosks in restrooms enable guests to assess cleanliness.
  • The GCCC website includes the actual physical address of each parking facility, enables guests to check real-time space availability and see how close a particular parking facility is to the event space they are here to visit. The site is optimized to be mobile friendly and guests can purchase pre-paid guaranteed parking from their phones before they arrive.

“It is great for our convention center have the latest technology to ensure convention attendees have the best experience they can,” added Megumi Robinson, director of public relations for Experience Columbus, the city’s destination marketing organization.


  • The GCCC venue itself is a cashless facility. This includes all GCCC operated concessions and all in-lane GCCC parking transactions. However, within the GCCC, there are individual contracted vendors and outlets who, at their discretion, may accept cash.