(Columbus, September 12, 2017)  — The general public is now invited to visit and experience “As We Are,” the stunning interactive art piece that was revealed at the SMG-managed Greater Columbus Convention Center’s (GCCC) Grand Opening Celebration on August 31.

The 14-foot, three-dimensional universal human head sculpture by Columbus College of Art & Design’s Matthew Mohr is made from ribbons of ultra-bright LED screen and contains a photo booth capable of shooting 3-D pictures. After each brief photo shoot, the guest emerges from the booth to see his or her portrait depicted as the giant face of “As We Are” for about 30 seconds. The images are stored in a database and appear in a rotation.

“Each portrait is roughly 17 times the size of the person represented,” said Mohr. “Eyes are as big as dinner plates. Through magnification, the sculpture recontextualizes each participant and asks all who see their portrait to consider who that person is and the life they lead, no matter their age, gender or culture. Portraits rotate continually, fading one into another to provide a rolling landscape of human diversity.”

Mohr said he sought to “reconsider oneself in a unique context, to consider that representation in a public setting, and to recontextualize people from different cultures and backgrounds” through this piece.

Visitors to “As We Are” will be welcomed and assisted by Guest Services ambassadors Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with additional hours of operation based on the GCCC and area event schedules, such as the Short North Gallery Hop the first Saturday of each month.

The sculpture was fabricated by Boston’s Design Communications Ltd. and commissioned by the GCCC owners, the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority (FCCFA), to become the signature piece in the largest contemporary collection of central Ohio art. The FCCFA has invested $3.5 million in its collection and displays nearly 400 pieces of art throughout its properties.

“This sculpture is the only one of its kind in the world and has already become a significant selfie station for residents and guests. ‘As We Are’ is visible to people traveling by the GCCC’s Goodale Street entrance and the rotating imagery draws people into our facility to learn more. We are looking forward to ‘As We Are’ quickly becoming a destination and an iconic image identified with our facility and Columbus,” said GCCC General Manager John R. Page.